Huge stack of pumpkins

Music maker
Child listening with headphones on

Let’s make music! Lots of natural objects can make great instruments, collect them and test our their sounds.

Squirrel go nuts
A squirrel sitting on a path in the woods

Let’s be squirrels! If you can’t find an acorn, grab a stone and use it as your acorn! See if you can hide it and find it again.

Den building
A den in the woods

Imagine if you had to sleep out in the woods. Could you make yourself a shelter to protect you from the weather? Let’s try!

Scavenger hunt
A child picking up an acorn

What can you find outside? Set yourself a challenge of 10 things to find! Think about colours, textures, sizes and shapes.

Stick man
a man made of sticks

Make a stick man and take him on adventures with you! What will he get up to and where will he go?

Picture this
hands holding up a frame outside

Make your own picture frame and frame things around you. Hold it up high, down low, what’s in the frame?

Colour collector
bees on flowers

Each season has its own colour palette; how many colours can you see in your garden, or on a walk?

Seed hunt
close up of a dandelion head full of seeds

Can you see any seeds whilst you’re out? They may be flying through the air or hitching a ride of the back of animals.


Leaf King and Queen
leaves on the ground

Have a look around at what is on the ground. Make a leaf crown, and crown yourself royalty of the garden, park, wood….!

Treasure box
forest floor and it's treasure

What glistening and shiny treasures can you find in nature? Collect them and pop them in your treasure box.

Have a look at all of our seasons for more activities! How many can you do?!

red berries on a bush covered in snow
Bluebell wood
Daisys - spring flowers