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Do you have an adventurous toy or character that you like to play with? Why not take them out for a trip to the park. Show them around the park, take them to the playground and enjoy being together outdoors. I wonder what your toy would like to do next? Climb a tree, look inside a bush or go for a swim in a puddle? They may need a bath when they get home!

What you will need

A suitable toy that you are happy to take outdoors. Don’t take out a beloved toy as there is a chance of it getting dirty or lost!

  • Choose a small toy that you are happy to take outdoors and get a bit wet or muddy
  • Talk to each other about where the toy might like to go and what they might like to see. Can they climb, crawl, paddle or jump around outside with you?
  • Take it in turns to hide the toy. Give clues about where they might be hiding using words such as ‘under’ ‘on top’ ‘next to’ ‘near’ ‘inside’
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Make up a story as you go along and take your toy on a story journey. Can you remember the journey when you get home? Try and re-tell the tale of the adventures your toy has had today!

Did you know

Other animals will be hiding in the bushes for safety and to keep out of the weather, such as insects, frogs or spiders. Look under a log and you will see worms resting, woodlice keeping cool, centipedes hunting and frogs looking for food.

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