Cuddling lambs in spring time!

Spring Activities

Find a friend
teddy in a teepee in the woods

Choose one of your toys or characters to take out today. Explore with them and do some fun, messy activities together!

Spring spotter
Daffodils in bloom

Has Spring sprung yet? Let’s find out by looking for signs in nature, Look all around you, what can you spot?

Build a nest
close up of a birds nest

In springtime, birds begin to make their nests, let’s see if we can spot any and learn how to make our own.

Journey stick
little boy excited with leaves playing outside

Tell a story about your walk today by tying things you find along the way to your journey stick! What will you find?!

Tickling stick
feathery stick backlit by sunlight

Can you avoid being tickled? Watch out for the tickling stick! Do you like being tickled? Keep an eye on who has the stick!

Meet a tree
View of needham lakes

Can you tell one tree from another by the way they feel? Find a group of different trees and get to know them!

Collection box
close up of a beetle on a leaf

Let’s collect! Who can collect the largest collection of the smallest things on our outing today? What have you got?

Nature bracelet
bracelets made from nature

Make a bracelet using things you find on your walk. See how many different natural objects can you add.

Look high, look low
looking up a tree to the sky

Discover things you haven’t seen before by seeking out objects and animals that are high up or low down. What can you find?

Hiding Hands
Acorn in a hand

Choose an object each, ask one another questions to discover what the other person is hiding in their hands.

Have a look at all of our seasons for more activities! How many can you do?!

Daisys - spring flowers
close up of blackberries on a bush
red berries on a bush covered in snow