Man in green polo shirt standing in corridor adjusting thermostat

We are supporting households in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire to keep their energy bills low this winter.

As the weather turns colder, our charity’s Green Doctor provides free advice in people’s homes, helping them to keep costs down and their home warm, as well as reduce their carbon footprint.

Recently it was announced that the Energy Price Cap is to be lowered from 1st October 2023, averaging a 7% reduction in household energy bills. However, the price cap figures are still considerably higher than before the energy crisis, with the average annual cost of £1,923 for typical households, as opposed to £1,300 pre-2021.

Over 545,000 households in the East Midlands are also eligible for financial support from the government via this winter’s £300 Cost of Living payment. This is the second of three payments to those on means-tested benefits, totalling £900.

Other government support available includes the additional £300 winter fuel allowance for pensioners, £150 Disability Cost of Living Payment and the £150 Warm Home Discount for people who get the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit or are on a low income and have high energy costs.

Mike Blackham, Green Doctor Trainer at Groundwork Five Counties, says: “This financial support is no doubt greatly welcomed by those who are eligible. However, we want to make sure everyone can save money, stay warm and healthy this winter.

“The Green Doctor team can visit your home for free and give useful tips on saving energy. This could be turning down your thermostat one degree, changing the boiler flow temperature, or implementing draught excluders, LED light bulbs and reflective radiator panels to keep the heat in. All these small changes can make a big difference and save you hundreds of pounds per year!

“We also identify and tackle damp and mould problems, to make sure your whole family can stay healthy in the cold winter months and beyond.

“Should you be experiencing debt or financial problems due to the high cost of energy, we can support you with accessing emergency heating or financial support from the government.

“We want people to be able to stay warm and healthy this winter, and especially with energy costs still so high, we are more needed than ever. Make an appointment with the Green Doctor and we’ll do our very best to help!”

To find out more about the Green Doctors and to get support free of charge, visit the Groundwork Five Counties website: