The Aughrim Landfill Programme aims to support projects working in the conservation and promotion of biodiversity projects and protection of social environment.


Your project must be within 10 miles of a registered landfill site  (a current list of registered sites can be found via the HMRC or DEARA websites and you can determine if you’re within 10 miles by using this map HERE.

The project must also benefit the community through either:

1) the provision, maintenance or improvement of a public park or another public amenity or

2) the conservation or promotion of biodiversity.

Your application will need to clearly demonstrate how your project meets one of these needs.

Your organisation must be a voluntary or community organisation which:

  • produces its own annual accounts
  • has a bank account in the name of the organisation (with at least 2   unrelated signatories)
  • has a management committee with at least 3 members (at least 2 must be unrelated).

The grants available are from £5,000 to £10,000.

Further guidance for applicants can be found HERE.

Application Deadlines:

Our panel will meet quarterly to make decisions (usually in March, June, September and December).

Please remember – you must be able to start your project within 3 months of being awarded and the project must complete within 12 months.

You can apply online HERE for an application form or assistance in applying, you can contact us here: