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Groundwork blog

This blog explores topical issues from a range of themes close to our hearts. Posts are by experts from Groundwork and other like minded organisations. One week it might be sustainability, another it might might be youth work or green space. Whatever it is it will be thought-provoking.

'Cook & Eat' in Stafford: a reflection

Blog by Anthony Knight: Community Health & Wellbeing at Groundwork

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The power of the community volunteer

Preserving our most treasured spaces - whatever the weather!

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When it makes sense to wipe out the bees

Sometimes the logical choice isn't what you expect.

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What I've learned from a weekend in the garden

A greenspace project to dig my spade in to!

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How to makeā€¦compost!

Guest blog from Groundwork's Horticulture Tutor, Rebecca Knowles

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How much more can we do to save energy at home?

Guest blog on the importance of being energy efficiency-savvy

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Giving young people the power of choice

Remembering that not all education is learnt in a classroom

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Green spaces are vital venues for civic life

Guest blog from The Fabian Society's, Ed Wallis.

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