Why our work is needed

The UK is one of the richest nations in the world yet many people in many communities face significant hardship.

  • Continued reductions in public spending mean there is a risk of greater social inequality and greater geographic disparity as services people rely on are cut.
  • The neighbourhood services that enhance our quality of life – from youth clubs to parks – will feel the brunt of spending reductions.
  • As our economy and welfare system change, some people in some parts of the country will remain marginalised and vulnerable.
  • Environmental impacts – from flooding to energy price rises – will impact disproportionately on those who have least protection.

Addressing these challenges will require new ideas and approaches engaging communities and businesses as well as new forms of public service delivery.

Groundwork was established at a time of political, social and economic challenge as an experiment to help communities cope with change and work together to make their lives and neighbourhoods better. That experience and that spirit of enterprise and innovation have never been more needed.

What drives us is the recognition that in every community – however disadvantaged – there are deep reserves of pride in the local area and people with the passion and ideas to improve their circumstances and surroundings.

Groundwork exists to harness that pride and unlock that passion through services, projects and programmes that change people’s lives now but also make our communities more resilient for the future.

The change we deliver

We know that many people face multiple challenges – living in isolation or with significant health issues in communities with few facilities and limited employment prospects. We work with partners to address these challenges in three ways.

We create better places

We create better places

By making communities greener, safer and healthier and by enabling people to work together to bring about change in their local area.

We promote greener choices

We promote greener choices

To help people and businesses reduce their environmental impact, improve their health, cut waste and save money.