We harness the passion, skills and experience of more than 1,200 employees and 150 volunteer trustees across the UK to deliver projects, programmes and services that respond to the needs of local communities and add value to the priorities and plans of our local partners.

The Groundwork Trusts

Groundwork Trusts are independent charities, working under a common brand to a single federation strategy.

Groundwork UK

Groundwork UK supports the activities of Groundwork Trusts by running programmes, initiatives and campaigns that generate national resources for local delivery and support improvements in quality and impact.

The Groundwork Federation Board

The Groundwork Federation Board is responsible for the activities of Groundwork UK and for our federation-wide strategy and programmes. The majority of its members are appointed from the boards of Groundwork Trusts. A number of independent trustees, including our Chair, are co-opted by the board to broaden its skills base or to enable us to benefit from specialist expertise or networks.