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Food growing in Hull

Food growing in Hull

Groundwork have received funding support from Hull City Council to deliver a project that helps 20 groups of families & individuals from deprived areas live a healthy life through:
  • Learning together about growing food, healthy eating & cooking nutritious food on a budget
  • Community based sessions led by non-health professionals being used as a vehicle for improving health literacy
  • Volunteering opportunities, skills sharing & group activities leading to increased self-esteem, reduced social isolation & improved mental health & well being
Do you want to help?      If yes, how can you help?

1. Equipment / Seeds – can you support this campaign by advertising on your notice boards &/or newsletters?
                       Clean Out Your Shed Campaign  
Garden Tools & Vegetable Seeds
We will use your unwanted tools to help groups across Hull to grow their own food
(For more information about our projects call 01482 216188)
2. Volunteers with/without transport
We are looking for people to volunteer & support these projects in the following roles:

Green Champions – Do you have food growing skills or a passion for growing food?  Would you like to support others?  We will provide accredited training to volunteers to ensure you are able to deliver the skills to a required standard & also gain personal qualifications.

Drivers with vehicles – Some organisations have been kind enough to donate large amounts of produce to support this project.  We are looking for someone who has a vehicle or trailer who can drive to the Leconfield area to collect some produce for us.

Groups already being supported by the project include:
Hull Harp, The Together Women’s project, Sanctuary supported living project for homeless families, Inspire Communities & Hull Council for the Disabled.

Planned Outcomes
  • Residents are more able to ‘make their money go further’
  • Increased use of outdoor space for exercise which can help reduce excess weight
  • Increased skills in growing & cooking leading to healthier lifestyles
  • Participants have increased self-esteem, resilience & confidence
  • Encouraging people to eat what they’ve grown will make them eat more fruit & veg
  • Children can understand where food really comes from