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Our 2020 Vision

Big global issues like the economy and the environment have a big local impact.

We work across South Tyneside and Newcastle helping strategic partners and communites find practical solutions to the challenges they face. We provide training and create jobs, reduce energy use and waste, reconnect people with nature and transform whole neighbourhoods.

Step by step we'll go on 'Changing Places and Changing Lives' until everyone can reach their potential and neighbourhoods are outstanding places to live, work and play.

By 2020 - 900 local businesses will be supported

Why our work is needed

Over the next five years, we will continue to provide services that enable us to deliver our vision of 'Changing Places and Changing Lives'. We will do this by embedding innovation and sustainability in all we do, maximising impact and outcomes.

With the development of a new strategy, Groundwork 2020, our ambition is to build our visibility, reputation and resource base, so that we can be a significant, radical force for driving change in attitudes, behaviours, places and prospects in the local communities that need it most.

By 2020 - 100 open spaces will be improved or looked after

We have firm principles that underpin our work -

  • Innovation - We support and build partnerships that deliver maximum impact for communities and maximum value for money for those who help us do it, delivering better employment prospects, better health outcomes, better use of natural resources, better environments and stronger communities.

  • Prevention - We work to keep people healthy, to achieve in education, and to have respect for others and local and global environment. This helps to prevent social and environmental problems and the associated waste of talent and resources.

  • Supporting - We provide targeted support, tailored to address the specific needs of vunerable people and diverse communities. This helps to tackle material hardship and the poverty of hope and aspiration.

  • Behaviour - We work and engage with partners to develop communities and to support environmental and behavioural improvements. These small changes in behaviours can create enhanced civic pride and long term savings.

By 2020 - 500 tonnes of waste will be recycled

Improve People's Prospects

By 2020 we will have helped 3,800 people into education and training.

We will do this by increasing the confidence, skills, wellbeing and employability of those furthest removed from the labour market, in particular young people.

Create Better Places

By 2020 we will have engaged 20,000 people in positive community projects.

We will do this be helping people work together to make their surroundings greener, safer and healthier, and by becoming part of their communities, involved in the way decisions are made about their services in their area.

Promote Greener Living & Working

By 2020 we will have educated 18,500 people about the importance of the environment.

We will do this by delivering environmental education activities and supporting businesses to act responsibly in order to reduce their natural resource use and engage local communities.

By 2020 - 15,000 people engaged in positive action to improve their local communities

For more information about our 2020 vision, you can download the booklet here.