Art Attack – Run an arty competition for pupils to create artwork based around a fun theme
Assault Course – Charge an entrance fee

Battle of the Bands – Hold an event and charge an entrance fee. People attending could donate to request songs.

Car wash – Get the sponges out and get the whole school involved in washing parents’ cars. Best as a summer term activity
Coin trail – Ask every pupil to bring in spare change, lay the coins out in a trail and see how far around the school you can get

Disney day – A magical twist to your usual mufti day. Ask pupils to make a donation to dress up as their favourite Disney character for the day
Disco – Sell tickets and encourage your pupils to get their dancing shoes on

Eco day – Dress green and do good deeds for the day, like litter picking and recycling your rubbish.
Easter egg decorating – Ask pupils to paint and decorate eggs for parents to purchase

Face painting – Get creative with face paints at fetes, fairs and children’s parties.
Football tournament – Schedule fixtures and charge teams to enter. Ask local businesses for prizes.

Go Green for Groundwork – Dress in green, bake green cakes and lot’s of other green ideas!
Games day – Let pupils bring in toys and games to play with on the last day of term and ask for a donation in return
Game show – Host mock version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? or The Weakest Link. Otherwise adapt board games for big audiences and get prizes donated.

Horse Racing – Pupils (or teachers) can dress as horses. Charge on entry or get sponsorship.
Hallowe’en party – Another excuse to dress up and party. Charge entrance fees and raise money trick or treating

Inflatables – Put a bounce into your summer fete with a bouncy castle, inflatable fly wall, boxing ring or even a gladiator court.
Ice Cream Social – Host an ice cream event, everyone loves ice cream!

Jump rope contest – Charge on entry or get sponsored per jump.
Jokes – Ask each pupil to bring in their favourite joke and a £1 or £2 donation and hold a class or assembly dedicated to joke telling

Kings and Queens Party – Ask people to dress as a King or Queen – royals should have money to spare!
Karaoke – Arrange your own Pop Idol contest.

Litter picking – People will be very willing to pay you if you’re cleaning up a local park, beach or playground. This is a way to help your local community while raising money, so everyone’s a winner.
Lunch – Why not choose a theme with your class or invite a chef from a local restaurant to cook and the pupils make a donation for this extra special treat

Medieval day – Themed day of medieval food and entertainment
Magic show – Invite a magician to the school or ask budding magicians in your school to get together and hold a magic show

Non-uniform day – Tried, tested, and loved by pupils everywhere! Ask pupils to pay a set donation (£1 or £2 each) to wear their own clothes to school
Night out for parents – Provide group babysitting at a nominal rate, plan games, films, crafts and other activities.

Olympic-themed fun day – Get excited about the Olympics all over again by holding your own version – you could even split pupils into teams and give them names of countries

Pantomime – Whether this is a new thing for your school or you’re pantomime experts, hold it in support of Groundwork and donate ticket sales or programme profits.
Pyjama day – Ideal for nurseries and younger pupils but fun for everyone, ask pupils to come to school in their favourite pyjamas with a donation in hand

Quizzes – This works well run by teacher for pupils, by older pupils for younger classes, or even pupils setting quizzes for parents after school. Source prizes from local business and get quizzing
Quiet Time – Hold a sponsored silence.

Readathon – A sponsored reading event run in primary and secondary schools across the UK, encouraging children to read for pleasure
Rugby tournament – Schedule fixtures and charge teams to enter. Ask local businesses for prizes.

Sponge throw – Ask pupils to donate in return for getting to launch soapy sponges at teachers. Best done on a sunny day
Spelling bee – A fun competition between teams or individuals to spell words. Who’d have thought a simple spelling test would ever become so popular! Charge on entry or get sponsorship.

Talent contest – Do you have a pupil who thinks she’s the next Kylie, or thinks he should be in Diversity? Hold a talent contest for them to showcase their skills. You could make it TV show style by nominating judges to pick the winners
Treasure hunt – Put together a treasure hunt, split pupils into pairs or teams and let the detective work begin. Ask a local business to donate a prize for the winning pair/team and set a suggested donation amount for entering

Uniform day for teachers – A twist on non-uniform day
Unwanted presents – Arrange a post-Christmas sale of unwanted gifts. Ask pupils to donate a cut of their takings.

Vegetarian dinner party – Children could seek sponsorship for each type of vegetable they eat. Vegetables could even be grown at school
Volleyball tournament – Great for the summer, charge on entry.

Wellie throwing competition – Fun for all ages, the person who can throw their welly the furthest is the winner.
World cultures day – Get pupils to dress up for the day, give each class a different country to base their theme on.

Xmas hampers – Get pupils to make and sell Xmas hampers. Include food, drink, toys and gifts
X marks the spot – Host a pirate party. Include treasure maps, games and refreshments.

Yoga – Get your pupils involved in a fun keep fit class.
Yoyo competition – Get pupils to show off their skills.

Zzzzz – Hold a sponsored sleepover at school.
Zumbathon – A fun way to promote fitness