As we navigate uncertain times, harnessing the assets of passion, pride and knowledge that already exists in local areas – and investing in the people and groups that can drive change – will help ensure that no area is ‘left behind’ when it comes to having strong and resilient communities.

Graham Duxbury, September 2019

This report is based on a survey of community groups and interviews with community group leaders. The views and experiences that community groups involved in this research shared paint a picture of the social infrastructure that those taking action in their communities value and rely on.

Up and down the UK, people are getting together and making things happen in their communities. From community gardens to youth clubs, Friends of Parks groups to local sports clubs, people give up their time to improve the quality of life in their neighbourhood. While the government’s Civil Society Strategy says that it wants people to be empowered to take responsibility for their neighbourhoods, it pays little attention to the voices and needs of community groups who are doing just that.

This research set out to address three questions:

  • What motivates people to get involved in action in their communities?
  • What benefits are realised as a result of community action?
  • What support and resources are needed to enable communities to take action in their local area?

Read the full report: Communities Taking Action