• Photo of a man who is kneeling down and holding a shovel.

    Ensuring equity in the green transition

    Our economy is changing. Adapting to climate change, reducingcarbon emissions and reversing the decline in biodiversity presentchallenges and opportunities for how we work. In many sectors ofthe economy this means new knowledge and a skills transition, whilein some it means significant growth in capacity and the creation ofwhole new training and professional development frameworks. Published…

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  • Fair, Green and Well

    Climate change, nature recovery, and health inequity are three of the biggest challenges facing society today. Well planned local action can help to address all three together while bringing a whole range of benefits to local communities. However, if we view each of these challenges in isolation, we risk missing opportunities to create to healthier,…

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  • Energising Communities

    The Energising Communities programme has been supporting households at risk of fuel poverty with energy advice since March 2020. The start of the programme coincided with the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, creating new challenges and opportunities. This report looks at what we have learned during one year of delivering this programme. Published August 2021.…

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  • Picture of a woman and children in a park with flowers in foreground

    Out of Bounds

    Natural spaces in our towns and cities have lots of benefits: for our mental and physical health, for communities and for the local economy. However, not everyone has equal access to these benefits. This report looks at the evidence on equity in access to urban nature and how we can address it. Published May 2021.…

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  • Two men gardening, photographed from across a raised bed with plants in foreground

    Community Groups in a Crisis

    The Covid-19 pandemic impacted on every section of society. This research looks at the experiences of grassroots community groups during 2020, how they responded to support their communities, and how they can be empowered to continue playing a key role in their neighbourhoods through the next phase of the crisis and recovery. Published November 2021.…

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  • A man and woman smile holding cups of tea. They are in a community garden. The woman is in a wheelchair and wearing a wooly hat. The man is wearing a high viz jacket.

    Growing Spaces

    This report explores the social and environmental benefits created by community hubs, looking at three inspiring examples from across Groundwork: @theGrange in Blackpool, Grozone in Northwich and The Green Patch in Kettering. These hubs combine community food growing with a wide range of activities, helping local people improve their quality of life. Published September 2020.…

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