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Christmas can be a difficult time of year for those who are elderly and alone. Churches Together wanted to alleviate the feelings of isolation for project members by bringing them altogether to celebrate Christmas.

The organisation received £1000 to hold a big party with traditional turkey lunch, Christmas carols, fun and friendship and capture the joy of the season for those who would otherwise be home alone.

They had a great turn out from both volunteers and those who they visit. One lady who had never been to a Christmas party before came along with her befriender and thoroughly enjoyed it – and even had a selfie with Santa!

The funding also funded transportation that enabled those people who are otherwise housebound to get out and become part of their community at Christmas.

The party was deemed a huge success by all in attendance! Our isolated elderly service users got to enjoy a wonderful Christmas party complete with traditional turkey dinner, Christmas carols sung brilliantly by the school children and a visit from St Nicholas himself! It made a huge difference to those who would have had to spend the festive season alone. They were surrounded by love and friendship. We hope we can do this every year.