Beatfreeks and Groundwork are working together to unlock the power of shared green spaces to change places and lives for the better.

These spaces – our parks, playgrounds, allotments, skateparks, community gardens and other patches of green in our towns and cities – provide a huge range of benefits. They improve our mental and physical health, help people into employment, protect us from pollution and flooding, create a home for nature and, most importantly, they bring us together to overcome challenges.

To help even more people to get these benefits, we have created a pack of support and guidance to inspire communities to love, use and improve their local green spaces.

This resource pack is free to download and should provide you with all the information you need to help make change in your area. The resource pack allows you to take action in your local parks and green spaces within your community, but should also give you inspiration.

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About Beatfreeks

Beatfreeks is an insight and engagement agency who specialise in youth engagement. Our mission is to create a place where young people and brands challenge the way of the world.

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About Groundwork

Groundwork is a federation of charities mobilising practical community action on poverty and the environment across the UK. Last year we invested £88 million into communities across the UK, supported 4,700 community groups, supported 27,500 young people to learn and achieve and helped 6,100 people into education, training or work.

How this pack was created

Groundwork and Beatfreeks know that the best answers to local questions usually come from the people that live there. This meant it felt right that the community were heavily involved in producing the resource pack.

Beatfreeks recruited and worked with 10 young people aged 16-24 to produce a resource pack that is digestible and engaging.

The resource pack was written and designed by this group to ensure it resonates with the everyday person and is an inspirational document to get you started on your green project. Beatfreeks facilitated two co-design sessions that ran virtually and opened up creative conversation on what should be included in the pack, the style and the design. The two co-design sessions allowed the group to collaboratively create the resource pack that is now downloaded by anyone.