We help people come together to change the places where they live for the better and to develop their skills, build their confidence and meet new people.

We give communities the tools and support to take the lead in delivering practical action to tackle social and environmental challenges. We run community hubs and facilities including gardens, allotments and centres and organise volunteering activities, play sessions and events that bring different groups of people together, build social networks, tackle isolation and boost wellbeing.

We can help deliver:

  • Community engagement and development
  • Volunteering and social action
  • More equitable access to nature
  • Community-led climate action
  • Physical activity and mental wellbeing

The way we work:

  • We are committed to practical action: we help people make a tangible difference to their surroundings, generating a sense of achievement and leaving a lasting impact.
  • We build confidence and capacity: we specialise in helping people get organised and take their first steps towards committed community action.
  • We promote inclusion and equity: we understand how to reach those who aren’t often asked for their views and work with partners to ensure all sections of the community benefit from our work.
  • We make things real and relevant: we start where people are and identify practical steps they can take in their own lives and neighbourhoods to address big global challenges.
  • We deliver multiple outcomes: we design integrated initiatives that help people improve their lives while improving the environment, addressing cost of living and the climate crisis in tandem.