A group of Shedders from Belfast were kindly invited by Northern Ireland Science Festival to take part in the Dreamachine experience in Carlisle Memorial Church in Belfast.

We were the VIPs for the afternoon, having the space to ourselves.

We made our way up on the bus in good spirits, not knowing what to expect but excited to try something new.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and we were able to admire the beautiful flowers in the garden and the clever signage. Watch this space for similar signs coming from the shedders!

After arriving inside the church, it was a welcome cool temperature in contrast with the heat outside! Tea and coffee galore were offered, and the wonderful staff showed us the seating for the event.

Just like the Tardis, it was bigger on the inside. It has a circle interior and inclined seats giving it a sci-fi edge.

No spoilers here but the men described it as an “experience not to be missed!”

You will have to go to the Dreamachine and see it for yourself…

Many thanks to the wonderful staff at NI Science Festival, Niamh, Jillian, and Stephanie.