Green Doctors, Groundwork’s energy efficiency experts, work in the community to help people at risk of being in fuel poverty. They provide energy saving advice that helps people to keep warm, well and to reduce energy bills. We asked them to share some of the their best energy saving tips for your home.

1. Install radiator foil to keep the heat in

This guide explains how to quickly, cheaply and easily install radiator foils behind your radiators to stop the heat escaping, reducing waste, keeping you warm and cutting your fuel bill.
Install radiator foil to reduce your energy bills

2. Set up your storage heater correctly to save money and keep warm

If you have one, setting up your storage heater to get the most out of it will reduce waste, save money and keep you warm when it is needed. In this guide our Green Doctor talks you through the steps:
Setting your storage heater

3. Set your hot water temperature correctly

Simply adjusting the temperature of your water on your combi boiler or hot water tank can make your home more energy efficient; reducing waste and saving you money. It takes seconds and can save up to £40 a year, means your water arrives at your tap at the right temperature and also reduces the risk of scalding.
Setting your hot water temperature

4. Draught proof your home

Installing draught proofing is a cheap, simple and quick way to quickly reduce loss of heat and cut your bills.
Draught proofing

5. Use programmers and thermostats to make sure you aren’t wasting heat

How to use thermostatic valves (TRVs) on your radiator to make sure you only heat the rooms you need and programmers to ensure you are only heating your home when you are there. This is a quick way to make sure you are not wasting energy and to reduce energy bills in your home.
Using programmers and thermostats

6. Use energy efficient lights

One of Groundwork’s energy efficiency experts busts myths about energy efficient lighting and explains why switching to modern designs is painless and worthwhile. Modern LED and CFL lightbulbs are a great replacement for old fashioned incandescent blubs or halogen bulbs, can do almost any job and can save you a significant amount of money. It’s a quick and easy way to save energy in you home and cut your bills.
Myth busting energy efficient lights

7. Switch to a new energy company

Switching energy company to save money is one of the quickest ways to make your bills more affordable and our Green Doctors have helped some people save £1500 by doing this alone.

It’s also a chance to think about what you want from your supplier; that could be things like low cost, better customer service, a tariff that supports a charity or that invests in sustainable energy technology.

Switching to a new energy company

8. Make small changes in how you live to save energy in your home

Six quick, simple and easy ways to reduce waste and save you money on your energy bills. In this guide our Green Doctor explains how small changes can add up. These changes include reducing the temperature that you wash you clothes at, turning devices off instead of leaving them on standby, boiling water in a pan with a lid on, using a bowl for washing up to reduce how much water is needed, avoiding using a tumble dryer and closing curtains to keep in the heat.
Six tips to save £60

9. Be aware of the top five most energy hungry appliances in your home

One of Groundwork’s energy efficiency experts counts down the top five worst offenders for energy use in your home and provides tips to help you get them under control.
Top five most energy hungry appliances


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