The WhatsApp Group provides a positive communication platform for Barnet COVID-19 Health Champions to connect with one another. This online space allows you to engage in helpful and interesting discussions with each other about relevant topics relating to COVID-19.

To help encourage a welcoming and inclusive environment, we ask all Champions to abide by the following rules:

  • Be kind and treat each other with respect
  • Make positive comments to support other Champions
  • Share COVID-19 experiences and offer insight
  • Post information that is related to COVID-19, local relevant services, or the Health Champions project
  • Share links that are from a correct and reliable source with evidence to back it up
  • Where possible, avoid sharing links to social media feeds and instead look to find the original source of information
  • If you want to raise an local issue, please email
  • If you would like to get clarity on information you have read or received on COVID-19, please email
  • Do not post comments, links, images, or videos that are obscene, profane, or hateful in nature, or post any information that may be misleading, speculative, inaccurate, or that put people’s health at risk
  • Do not post comments that could be seen to be offensive, harass, criticise, or be threatening any person, group, organisation or company, including political, government, or local authority
  • Consider the language you are using and the points that you are making as coming from a positive stance that creates a welcoming environment for all
  • Do not provide or ask for medical advice, as this should be provided by your own doctor or clinician
  • If you are unhappy with a post or a comment in this group, please forward it to the Health Champion number via WhatsApp on 07593361161

Please be aware that any answers or opinions shared in this group by members are not necessarily accurate. To receive an official response from the team, please email

The WhatsApp Group is monitored from Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm by the Health Champions Team. The Group chat will be paused over weekends and bank holidays.

This Group is for Health Champions to connect with one another. You can use WhatsApp functions such as muting the group from time to time if needed. If you no longer wish to be part of discussion, please feel free to leave the Group at any time, and ensure you are part of the WhatsApp broadcast which provides the latest information directly from the Health Champions team. If you wish you rejoin the Health Champions WhatsApp Group at any time, please email us.

In the unlikely circumstance that the rules are broken, you will be contacted by the group admins directly. If you consistently disregard the rules, you will be removed from the Health Champion WhatsApp Group at the discretion of the group admins.