Groundwork has a mission to support local communities across the whole of the UK and we fund, manage and deliver thousands of projects each year that make a positive difference to the local and global environment, bring people together and improve prospects. In Scotland we achieve this impact by working in partnership with other charities and through existing community networks.

Together with our partners we have delivered UK-wide intiatives such as Tesco Bags of Help which have helped many Scottish communities change their local areas for the better.

Our partnership with greenspace scotland

We are working closely with our partners greenspace scotland to ensure that policymakers and local people throughout the UK understand and can access the many benefits provided by good quality, accessible green spaces.

greenspace scotland is Scotland’s parks and greenspace charity. They work with a wide range of organisations and local groups to achieve the goal that everyone living and working in Scotland has easy access to quality greenspace which meets local needs and improves quality of life.