What was it about this position that appealed to you?

Getting work at a site like Jarrow Hall with the opportunities for Experimental Archaeology. I have a degree in Ancient History and Archaeology so Jarrow Hall was a good fit. I wanted to work at a site where I was outdoors most of the time and wasn’t going to be face to face with the public most of the time. At the time this was the only site offering this type of opportunity.

How did you find it?

I was a bit worried at the start that the role was mainly going to be working on the farm but as we got more into the role it was great. I’ve had the chance to support the year in the field project including creating an experimental Anglo-Saxon scratch plough and some other items. I’ve learnt quite a lot from coming into this role like the practical hands-on element needed to create the plough.

What is the main memory you will take from being here?

The whole process of making the plough – the whole process from chopping the branch from the tree to working with Jamie (Farm Kickstart) and drawing on his knowledge of joinery. I had to work as part of a team to learn the skills to be able to build the plough.

Can you tell us something about what you will be doing in the future?

I have secured a job working as an archaeologist in Milton Keynes. I start next month. I feel like this position was a good stepping stone into my new job.” It gave me additional skills for my CV – working outside and experimental archaeology.