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Meet the Progress Partner: Positive Youth Foundation

We had a chat with Progress Coach, Cherelle Harding to find out about Positive Youth Foundation's role in Progress, why the young people she works with provide inspiration to her life and why more organisations and businesses should get involved with the programme.

Hi Cherelle! Tell me a bit about your organisation…

Positive Youth Foundation is an organisation that specialises in helping young people across Coventry. We provide targeted provisions of positive activities, leadership and support services for young people focusing on education and training, health, community provision, creative arts and newly arrived work.

What is your role in the Progress programme?

I am a Progress Coach which involves supporting young people who are NEET or at risk of becoming NEET. I work with young people aged 15-24 to help them get back into education, employment or training. The support provided ranges from 1:1, group work, employability skills, social skills and confidence building. The programme is tailored to each individual client who we initially assess, we then work with them to create an individual action plan and goals that are going to tailor their personal journey.

Why do you think that this programme is important to the young people that enrolled on the programme? 

The programme provides young people with tailor-made coaching to help them discover their potential. There are many young people who just need some guidance and support for them to get on track and build the skills that they need to get back into education, employment/training.

What surprises you the most about working with young people?

I’m surprised most at how keen young people are to get involved in activities when they are presented with an opportunity. There are many activities that young people have taken part in while I’ve been on the programme and I’m always amazed at their input and commitment.  

Who inspires you in life? 

I get inspiration from all parts of life. Music, books and the different people I meet.

From working on this programme young people definitely inspire me. Some of the young people I have worked with are so talented, funny, creative and resilient. It’s amazing to watch.
What would be your words of encouragement to any business or organisation who is considering getting involved with Progress?

It is a great programme that provides young people with targeted support. You get to meet and work with a wide range of young people that face different barriers. Helping them overcome them and working with them to discover their potential is extremely rewarding.

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