We develop and deliver tailored training and development programmes that help change lives. These programmes can be accredited or non-accredited and are available to be run in partnership with public, private and third-sector organisations.

We have a strong record of working in those areas that need extra support, and of going the extra mile in inspiring people to think differently about their futures.

If you would like to talk to us about participating in, tailoring or running some of our training programmes, get in touch today.

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Training & Develpment Programmes

Tomorrow’s Leaders

The Tomorrow’s Leaders programme matches the participants with personal mentors, to help and support them to develop their leadership skills, confidence, and understanding of political institutions.

Greener Horizons

The Greener Horizons programme is designed to provide support into employment for disadvantaged people living in marginalised communities through various training initiatives and practical support.

OCN in Horticulture Level 1 or 2

These sessions are aimed at novices and are open to individuals, community groups and organisations.

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