The Preventing Radicalisation grant initiative has been developed through the Home Office Prevent Programme, to support Local Authority partners in their work with communities to build resilience to radicalisation. Groundwork UK is administering the grant on behalf of the Home Office Prevent team and is onboarding Civil Society Organisations (CSO) to be part of the Preventing Radicalisation framework.

The Prevent Programme is designed to safeguard people at risk of becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism, through tailored interventions designed to address the personal and social factors which can make people vulnerable to radicalisation.

Prevent is delivered by a network of dedicated experts with comprehensive understanding of the unique risks in their area and is adapted to the specific issues facing each community. The programme works in partnership with frontline professionals such as teachers, healthcare and psychology practitioners, social workers, the police, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), community leaders and more.

Applications are now open for CSOs to become project providers on the Preventing Radicalisation Grant initiative framework.

Who is eligible to apply to be on the Preventing Radicalisation framework?

Successful applicants will be registered charities or companies which:

  • Have experience working with individuals and communities to build resilience to radicalisation, or other similar vulnerabilities (e.g. youth violence and gang involvement).
  • Can provide details of their work with the public sector or Local Authorities.

Typically, project providers will need to be able to deliver the following types of projects:

  • Mentoring and practical support for individuals who are most vulnerable to radicalisation.
  • Empowering beneficiaries to build critical thinking skills and resilience to radicalisation.
  • Engaging parents and caregivers to raise awareness of the risks of radicalisation.
  • Building the capacity and skills of frontline staff to deliver Prevent, including teachers, social workers, and other professionals.


Please read the application guidance, frequently asked questions and safeguarding information before starting your application.

Groundwork UK’s safeguarding information for grant recipients outlines our requirement for grantees. Please ensure that you have read this document along with the Safeguarding information contained in our guidance document before applying.

Applicants will be required to pass financial due diligence process and provide; governance documents, safeguarding policy and procedures, and financial information.



Safeguarding information


Please contact with any queries or call 0121 237 3610.

The Preventing Radicalisation grant initiative has been developed to support Local Authorities to address radicalisation threats through the local delivery of CSO projects. This pilot initiative is being administered by Groundwork UK on behalf of the Home Office.