Groundwork East is working in Hertfordshire to increase community awareness about the environmental issues on the River Ver. The project has been funded by the Environment Agency.

Why has the project been commissioned?

The River Ver is an important habitat for wildlife within St Albans but at present the water levels are very low. This is having a major effect on the wildlife. In addition, areas of the river are polluted by run-off from roads, as well as domestic and industrial pollution. Raising awareness about the problems the river is facing is an important step to improving its health in the longer term.

What does it involve?

To help boost the health of the river, Groundwork is working with schools and youth groups in St. Albans to train their pupils as Junior River Wardens (JRW). As JRWs, children will learn how to undertake river monitoring, looking for a variety of geographical changes, conducting chemical tests, and spotting wildlife. They will learn how the measurements they take impact the river, what the changes in measurements tells us about the river, and what they can do to help the readings improve. Monitoring is taking place this autumn with repeat visits in spring 2020.

Where are the results being recorded?

The results will be logged on custom Google Map, which can be done as part of an ICT project.