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Are you looking to be a good corporate citizen and ensure that your services benefit the local communities in which you work? Social value is becoming increasingly important for stakeholders, shareholders and customers, especially for those bidding for public sector contracts. The Social Value Act means that those who commission public services must think about how their work can create wider social, economic and environmental benefits and organisation bidding for public sector contracts are increasingly required to develop social value models that support local skills and employment, build stronger communities and help tackle the climate and nature emergencies.

We’ve been delivering those benefits for over four decades. Our extensive experience ensures we are able to bring creative solutions to our partners that embed social value in contract delivery – helping to build the social infrastructure needed for more resilient, sustainable communities.

We’ve already helped companies like Balfour Beatty, Amey and Keepmoat, to identify creative and compelling social value offers to win new business – how can we help you?

Social value contracts can take many forms and our experienced teams are dedicated to working with you to develop a partnership that works for you. You support can help projects like Grow Speke, a community hub in Liverpool.

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