About us

The overarching aim is for more Parents/Carers to be well-prepared as their children step into adolescence and pre-teen years, equipped to guide them through challenges like youth violence. Parent/Carer networks provide a secure haven for empowerment, driven by training that imparts knowledge and understanding. Within this space, concerns can be openly shared, fostering mutual support through shared experiences, all in the context of a public health-driven approach to mitigating violence.

By leveraging local parent champions, facilitated by community-based VCS organizations, this initiative aligns with the objective of fostering resilient families who can provide support to parents concerned about their children. The expansion of access to parenting support, grounded in a public health perspective, will concentrate on various aspects to cater to the unique needs of parents and caregivers most affected by violence.

Who are Parent/Carer Champions?

Parent/Carer Champions are individuals who play a vital role in their community, focusing on supporting parents and caregivers of children with special needs or disabilities. Often parents themselves, these champions provide practical advice, emotional support, and valuable information based on their own experiences. By sharing their insights, they help create a supportive network that connects families to essential resources and services while advocating for their children’s well-being and rights.

Collaborating with local organizations, support groups, and healthcare providers, Parent Carer Champions raise awareness, improve access to services, and foster a sense of community for parents facing unique caregiving challenges. In essence, they empower families and ensure the needs of children with additional support requirements are met effectively.

I wish I had received this support earlier, it’s been so beneficial to me and my family, being able to connect with the right support services in the borough

Parent/Carer Champion

Is the Parent Carer Champion Network for me?

If you’re a parent or caregiver of a child with educational needs or other additional support requirements, the Parent Carer Champion Network is specifically designed to support you. Our network is made up of individuals who have first-hand experience navigating the challenges and complexities you may be facing. These champions are trained to provide practical advice, emotional support, and valuable information based on their own journeys. Whether you’re seeking guidance, resources, or a sense of community, the Parent Carer Champion Network is here to empower you, connect you with essential services, and advocate for your child’s well-being and rights. Collaborating closely with local organizations, support groups, and healthcare providers, our champions ensure you have access to the assistance you need and the support you deserve.

Join our network and discover the strength of a community that understands and supports you every step of the way.

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About the training

The training program encompasses informative sessions from various reputable sources, including FEH Family Early Help, social workers, Camhs, youth justice services, and other esteemed organizations. These sessions are specifically designed to equip you with valuable insights and practical knowledge aimed at reducing the likelihood of your young person becoming involved in criminal activities.

Who is funding this programme?

The programme is funded by VRU (Violence Reduction Unit).

Who is this training for?

Parents and carers in the Southwark borough that wish to excess peer to peer support

Will this cost me anything?

The training is completely FREE.

When is the support available?

Sessions will begin in September but will be ongoing frequently.

Where will the training sessions be held?

1:1 and group sessions are available online and in person at the Nest

Who is delivering the training?

Professionals and parent/carers 

How many people will be in the group session?

Group sizes can vary

How will this training benefit me as a Trusted Adult?

  • Empowerment and Opportunity: Parents/Carers gain empowerment and opportunities to shape their lives.
  • Enhanced Awareness: Parent Carer Champions demonstrate improved awareness of available services, including statutory services and the criminal justice system (CJS).
  • Behaviour and Attitude: Parent Carer Champions witness changes in behaviour and attitude, leading to a higher quality of life and circumstances.
  • Comprehensive Improvements: The program leads to better peer support, pathways to support for marginalized groups, nurturing parental relationships, improved mental health and wellbeing, increased parenting confidence, and better recognition of concerning behaviours.
  • Parents and caregivers are granted empowerment and the chance to steer their own lives, thanks to a program aimed at fostering positive change. Parent Carer Champions have notably expanded their awareness of diverse services, including statutory provisions and the criminal justice system. This heightened awareness accompanies shifts in behaviour and attitude, translating into an improved quality of life and overall circumstances. Furthermore, the program has brought forth a range of comprehensive enhancements, including better access to peer support, more effective support pathways for marginalized communities, nurturing and responsive parental relationships, elevated mental health and wellbeing among parents/carers, increased parenting confidence, and an enhanced ability to identify concerning behaviours.

What happens after the training?

You will have access to additional resources and a peer to peer network with regular coffee mornings.