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Community cookery class funded by grants

Organisations seeking to distribute grant funding need a trusted partner with robust systems and a strong track record of ensuring money gets to where it’s most needed. That’s what we can offer you with our unique perspective that combines on-the-ground knowledge of ‘what works’ with decades of experience of running funding programmes for top brands and government departments. Our tried and tested ‘enabling’ model involves our local staff on the ground reaching out into communities, encouraging applications and guiding groups through the process.

Our skilled programme management team can support you and applicants for your funding through all stages of the grants process:

Scheme design | Application process | Shortlisting process | Training of successful applicants | Monitoring & programme management | Knowledge sharing | Evaluation | Successor proposals

Groundwork is listed on the Crown Commercial Services framework for Grant and Programme Services.

Our strengths

  • Scheme design expertise:  We combine stakeholder engagement with data analysis and a dash of creativity to design grant programmes for our clients that will meet the outcomes required, fill gaps in the wider funding landscape and avoid duplication or unnecessary red tape.
  • Engagement:  Our local knowledge with teams working daily within communities means that we can better target grants and we can reach out to encourage engagement. We have a focus on supporting first time applicants.
  • Risk management:  We have been creating community projects for decades so we understand common pitfalls and can spot when projects are in danger of failure.
  • Enabling new applicants:  Our ‘enabling’ model builds the capacity of local groups to access grants and successfully deliver projects. We design capacity-building of grantees into our grant management support, seeking to enable knowledge sharing and peer learning.
  • Robust systems:  We are resource efficient in our operations and secure with solid data management procedures. We operate online grant application and monitoring systems.

Past and current clients include