Community play area designed and built by Groundwork

Our experienced landscape architects understand that good quality green spaces are critical to how our neighbourhoods function. Everyone needs inspirational places for learning, playing, meeting friends or just passing through. Places that are a home for nature, that people enjoy, and that help to attract business investment.

Our services:

  • Landscape design
  • Landscape build and contracting
  • Landscape management
  • Resilience and responding to the climate crisis

Our strengths include:

  • Track record: we’ve been providing professional landscape services for over thirty years.
  • Experienced professionals: we employ a team of Chartered Landscape Architects and other landscape professionals who share the latest professional theories and best practice.
  • Community engagement: we reach out to engage creatively with all sorts of user groups, residents, businesses  and organisations to involve them and help them articulate their needs.
  • Nature based approaches: we’re passionate about the benefits of green infrastructure in improving health and combating the climate crisis, using techniques such as sustainable urban drainage and natural flood management.
  • Social value: we maximise public benefit from landscape improvements to promote health and wellbeing, provide training and work experience, support economic development and tackle environmental sustainability.
  • Sustainability: we’re committed to ensuring our work is carried out according to recognised environmental and quality standards including maximising the use of sustainably sourced and recycled materials.

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