Groundwork Suffolk and the Environment Agency are working together to raise awareness of pollution in the River Gipping.

What does the project involve?

During the project residents, businesses, and schools in Stowmarket and Needham Market will receive information and practical advice on how to reduce environmental pollution to River Gipping catchment. Together we can make a difference!

What to look out for

Keep an eye out for drains marked with a yellow fish! The yellow fish serves as a reminder of the project’s key message: ‘Only Rain Down The Drain!’ – remember,  all litter or pollution entering the system can cause direct contamination of our rivers and streams.

Activities during the project

Local school were visited and made aware of the Yellow Fish Campaign and what they could do to help their local water environment. They were giving information about the local rivers Gipping and Rattlesdon. They were also given information to take aware to share with their friends and family.

Local businesses were visited in both areas. They were informed about Yellow Fish and given advice on simple things that could be done to reduce their impact on the water environment. They were also asked to promote the campaign by displaying posters and/or window stickers on their premises, share information with their employees and discussing it with customers when appropriate. Yellow Fish were sprayed next to surface drains close to these businesses where possible.

Local residents were visited in both areas and made aware of the campaign and what the yellow fish next to the surface drains represented. Leaflets with information and simple advice on reducing the impact on the water environment were delivered to many local households.

Many local events were attended, where local people were engaged and made aware of the Yellow Fish Campaign taking place in their local area. This was a great opportunity to make people aware of the campaign, give out information and answer any questions.

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