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Youth Contract - Adam's Story

Posted on 14 October 2013

What's it like taking part in On-Track? Read Adam's* story:

Adam* came to YMCA Training in January to inquire about courses and once he learned about what On-Track could offer he signed up to the programme on the same day. Adam is a very shy young man and very low in confidence. He explained to his Youth Mentor that he was keen on doing anything with sports or construction. Adam felt that his cannabis use was making his situation worse and felt trapped in a cycle of lethargy and inaction. 

"This is the best thing that has happened for my lad, I am so proud of him." - Adam's Dad
Adam’s mentor introduced him to a tutor from Wythenshawe MEA College regarding a tailored six-week taster programme course, designed to get young people like Adam ready for a college course. It also helps participants to relate better to their peers, which can help to counteract shyness.

Adam has engaged well with his mentor and through regular contact seems to be slowly overcoming his shyness. During this time Adam’s confidence grew steadily but after completing five weeks of the programme he dropped out, stating that he got bored of doing the same thing every week.

Adam’s mentor then introduced him to ICON Training, a sports scheme taking place at the Aquatics Sports Olympic Arena in Manchester. This 3-9 month course offers training in health and fitness or lifeguard, customer service and sales. Adam was accepted on to the course but was concerned that he would have to travel across Manchester to attend. His mentor reassured him that he would travel with him from Wythenshawe on public transport to Manchester.

Adam has attended every session and is making steady progress towards gaining NPLQ and a possible level 2 gym qualification. Adam has progressed to a work placement at a gym near his family home and is now experiencing a working environment for the first time.

Adam says: "This is my best personal achievement." He is grateful for the opportunity the Youth Contract has given him. He has also reduced his intake of cannabis. His father said: "This is the best thing that has happened for my lad, I am so proud of him."

*please note to protect identities, images of the young people are not specific to the stories and names have been changed.

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