Barnwell Print wanted to demonstrate to their clients that they are an environmentally conscious organisation.

So they approached Groundwork to help them achieve their Carbon Charter awards.

The Carbon Charter provides support and recognition to small and medium sized businesses that commit to and adopt carbon reduction measures and sustainable business practices throughout Suffolk and Norfolk.

Groundwork’s Environmental Business Advisor was able to support them throughout the process.

Julian Barnwell, Joint Managing Director at Barnwell Print, said:

“The Carbon Charter gives us a valuable badge to hang on all the good things we do here in relation to the environment. It’s also very useful when presenting to new clients, it’s a valuable part of the toolkit. We need to demonstrate what stands us apart and the Carbon Charter is one of those items which gives us a unique selling point.

“In 2014 we installed biomass and that saves over 20 tonnes of carbon per annum, and we’re enjoying a benefit financially from heating our own premises.”