Your business can support the local community by donating fresh produce through the Luton Food Bingo game.

What is the Luton Food Bingo?

Community charity Groundwork East is the chair of the Luton Food Poverty Alliance (LFPA) and is asking for donations of produce to distribute to local families in need, through the Luton Food Bingo.

All donations will go to those who need it most, and is a great way for your business to give back to the local community and fulfil some of your corporate goals.

This project has been made possible thanks to funding from the National Lottery Communities Fund.
The LFPA is a group of individuals and organisations from across Luton, working together to help residents secure a healthy and sustainable diet. Members of the group aim to provide services, opportunities and guidance for those who would like to work towards a more secure and healthier diet for themselves and their families.

Groundwork is also running a number of community food growing hubs. The hubs support Luton residents to learn how to grow, harvest and cook with fresh produce. Fresh produce grown in the hubs is redistributed within the local community and used to enrich local food bank and crisis and destitution services and within local holiday hunger services, where children from low-income families will have the opportunity to grow, cook and eat fresh food as a part of structured holiday programmes.

Our hubs provide the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and to make a contribution to supporting a healthier community across Luton.

If you would like to support or become part of the LFPA or any of our community food growing hubs, get in touch with Molly Rice on 01582 720147.

Groundwork is encouraging local businesses to support the project and their local community by donating vital food via the donation bingo game. The bingo game has four bingo cards to complete plus a 12 days of Christmas special.

How does it work?

Download a bingo card from our website and collect all of the items on the card. Once completed the Groundwork team can collect it /or it can be dropped off at one of our local food hubs. Please make sure you take photographs of all your donations. We will then donate the items to a local food bank. For every bingo card your organisation completes you receive a certificate and we will share your success on social media.
The awards:

  • Platinum – Complete five bingo sheets and the 12 days of Christmas special
  • Gold – Complete four bingo sheets
  • Silver – Complete three bingo sheets
  • Bronze – Complete two bingo sheets
  • Highly commended – Complete one bingo sheet.

What are the benefits to your organisation?
  • Give back – help feed local families impacted by food poverty.
  • Show your organisation is part of and cares about the local community in which it operates / is based.
  • A fantastic CSR opportunity!
  • Your contributions will be shared on Groundwork’s social media channels.
  • Those organisations receiving awards will be included in a press release (this can be a collaboration or done by Groundwork)
  • The first three companies to complete their game cards will receive a free teambuilding day at one of our community food growing hubs!
  • Receive a certificate to display in your office.

How do we get involved?

Print the bingo cards below.

Start donating your produce at one of the food growing hubs (find out where your local one is) or drop it off at the Luton office in Stockwood Park, off Farley Hill (LU1 4BH).

Don’t forget to share your donations on your social media accounts and tag in @lutonfood so we can share your posts!

Card 1

Card 2

Card 3

Card 4

12 days of Christmas