Groundwork employee with food parcelGroundwork was founded during the global recession of the early 1980s with a mission to help communities cope with social and economic change through practical, neighbourhood-based action.  Through our projects, programmes and expert services we help people improve their quality of life and their future prospects, building the strength and resilience of whole communities. We are stepping up our work to respond to a new national crisis but we need your support to help more communities in need.

The Covid-19 pandemic is laying bare the extent of inequality and injustice in our society as it becomes obvious that those being hardest hit by the crisis are those currently most disadvantaged. They will also find it the hardest to rebuild in the aftermath.

  • Vulnerable or isolated people will emerge from the lockdown in worse physical and mental health.
  • Young people already out of work will be at the back of the queue as the economy recovers.
  • Many frontline community groups who have been working so hard to support others in their area will struggle to survive in the face of rising demand and lower income.

Never more needed

Wherever possible we have been adapting our approach and repurposing our resources so that we can support local communities through the crisis – coordinating community volunteers, switching support online and providing emergency funds.

Like many charities, our ability to generate income has been impacted by the crisis, but we are determined to help communities recover and adapt to a new reality.

This is when our work to support people in hardship, combat isolation and build stronger, more integrated communities will be needed more than ever.

We also want to make it a green recovery, applying the lessons of the pandemic to our fight against climate change and environmental injustice to create thriving, greener and more sustainable communities.

Act now to support communities in need

We need your commitment now to put strong and resilient communities at the heart of the recovery.

  • Commit funds to support our work during the recovery
  • Pledge time, committing your staff to volunteer with us when it’s safe to do so
  • Talk to us about how we can work together as partners to ensure your support gets to where it’s most needed by emailing

How you can help

Help rebuild sustainable communities

Help rebuild sustainable communities

Grassroots organisations have been on the frontline in the response to Covid-19, but many are struggling to survive and adapt to new demand.

A donation of £5,000 will help our Community Enablers to support 10 groups to take practical action on poverty and the environment.
Support communities

Support young people

Support young people

Young people struggling in education or out of work will face greater challenges during the economic recovery and lockdown will have left many in worse mental health.

A donation of £3,000 will provide a life-changing experience for a young person who needs help after the crisis through one of our Green Teams.
Support young people into work

Support those who are isolated and in hardship

Support those who are isolated and in hardship

We have all suffered the effects of isolation, but many people will continue to be trapped in their homes with little social contact and often struggling to make ends meet.

A donation of £1,500 will support 20 households through Green Doctor, providing advice on energy bills and benefits to help those most in need.
Mobilise Green Doctors