It’s hard financially when it’s the winter months. Having small children as well, it’s important to keep warm. The Green Doctors came and showed me how to save energy, apply for grants and put reflective panels behind the radiators, which helped a lot.

For many people social isolation is nothing new and loneliness is now recognised as a major contributor to poor mental health.  Those who were vulnerable or living in hardship before the crisis will need more support than ever in managing their bills, household finances and benefits as we count the cost of the shutdown.

Our Green Doctors help people keep on top of their bills and provide a vital lifeline to those living in isolation.

Through home visits and telephone support we help people save energy and water to reduce their outgoings while accessing additional financial help so that they can stay warm and well and gradually build their social networks.

A donation of £1,500 will help us support 20 households, providing advice on energy bills and benefits to help those most in need.

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