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Each season has its own colour palette. Experience the first yellow flower of spring, the bright purples of summer, the red leaves of autumn and the white frost of winter. Pop out in your back garden, go to the park or take a walk in the woods and see how many colours you can see.

What you will need

A piece of card or paper and some double-sided sticky tape. Normal tape can also be used if you don’t have double-sided

  • Step out of your front door and start walking. Look at the sky, the trees, the pebbles and the flowers. Shout out the colours that you see
  • Play I-spy colours together. Take it in turns to say ‘I spy with my little eye the colour ….. ‘. Keep playing until you can’t think of any more colours
  • Take some card and sticky tape and stick coloured objects to a card (double-sided tape works best). How many different colours are on your card? Pick up leaves, petals, seeds and more to make a colour card
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Why not try and create a rainbow of coloured objects on the ground. This can work really well in Autumn when there are lots of coloured leaves on the ground

Did you know?

Green leaves turn red in autumn because the green pigment breaks down, allowing the leaf to reflect red light. Yellow is often the first colour to appear in Spring. The yellow colour can be easily seen by insects and attracts them to the flowers for a much needed drink of nectar when they wake up from their winter sleep. Some plants even have colours that we can’t see! They use ultra-violet colour that only insects like bees can see!

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