close up of a birds nest

Every spring the birds start gathering sticks, leaves, hair and spider webs to help them to build a nest. They carefully weave it all together to make a safe place for their eggs to sit in. Can you see any nests in the trees and bushes as you walk along? They are easiest to see in the winter when there are no leaves on the trees. Can you make a nest?

What you will need

A bag to help you carry the sticks and leaves

  • Take a walk in the park or in the woods and gather small sticks, leaves and long grasses
  • Lay out the sticks in a circle and try to weave it all together to make a nest shape. Add soft leaves, grass or moss to the bottom of the nest
  • Find pebbles and pretend they are eggs. Will they stay safely in your nest?
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Why not try and make a nest inside a bush or tree. Find a place where the branches fork and see if you can sit your nest in the crook of the branches. Or, imagine there is a giant bird living in the area and you need to make a giant nest. Find large sticks and lots of grass cuttings to help you to make a large ground nest. Can you fit inside it like a baby bird?

Did you know?

A nest is not a bird’s home, it is simply the place where they lay their eggs and raise their babies in the Spring time. The nest needs to be built in a place where predators can’t see it or reach it. Many birds choose to hide their nest in a dense bush or high up in a tree. Some birds make a nest on the ground, but they make sure the eggs are difficult to see by laying eggs with camouflage colours that look like pebbles