Acorn in a hand

What can you hide in your hands? A worm? A daisy? A conker? This is a guessing game that requires you to ask questions. This is great way to engage one or more children by taking it in turns to think of a question in order to work out what someone is hiding in their hands.

What you will need

Your hands and a selection of small natural objects you can find along the way that fit inside your closed hands

  • Go for a walk in your local outdoor space. Decide who will hide an object in their hands first. They pick up the object secretly and close their hands around it
  • Ask the children to use questions to find out what it is, for example, Is it smooth? Is it green? Is it slimy?
  • The person who guesses correctly now has their chance to hide an object in their hands!
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Why not limit the number of questions they can ask or set a time limit for working it out.

Did you know?

Squirrels and jays like to hide acorns in the ground during the autumn so that they have food to eat in winter. They can find their buried acorns even underneath the snow.

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