Hands in mud!

People have been drawing and painting with mud for thousands of years. It’s the original paint! It’s easy to mix and never runs out. When you’re playing out in the garden, find a patch of soil, scoop it up, mix with water and now you’re ready to paint a picture.

What you will need

Some ‘clean’ soil, a water supply, hand washing facilities.

  • Find a patch of soil that is free from brambles, thorns or cat poo! Scoop up some soil and put it in a pot. Add a splash of water and mix it with a stick or with your hands until it’s a thick paste. The more water you add, the runnier it will get
  • Find a flat surface like a patio or a fence and start painting. Use your hands or a stick to paint with. You can even use a paint brush if you have one. Don’t paint on the clean washing hanging on the line!
  • Try making a mud hand print or paint a leaf and then flip it over and make leaf prints. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards!
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Take some paper out in the garden and make mud prints on the paper. Leave them to dry and then hang them up!

Did you know?

Eating a little bit of good clean mud by accident isn’t harmful. It’s mostly made up of grit and dead plant and animal material.

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