Child smelling a rose

There are lots of wonderful smells to be found outside. Explore the world today with your nose and see what you can smell. Sniff the leaves and flowers, sniff the air, kick the dust and see what that smells like. Does the town smell different to the park? Do the woods have their own smell?

What you will need

A cup, a stick

  • Talk about things that smell nice and things that smell nasty. Flowers, herbs, fruit and a freshly cut lawn can smell nice. Mouldy leaves, rotten vegetables and waterlogged mud can smell nasty
  • Collect a selection of natural objects and put them a cup or bowl. Now rip, crush, mash and mix them with a stick to make them release more smell
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What about smelling things without picking them? Flowers, tree bark, grass, and try smelling them again after it has rained. Are they the same? How many different things can you smell?!

Did you know?

An evergreen woodland smells very different to a deciduous woodland. This is due to the different oils and resins in the plants and the different way that the plants decay.

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