Coloured stones balanced on top of each other

A good way to develop your child’s imagination is to get them making up stories about the world around them. Whilst out for a walk see if you can find a collection of stones of all shapes and sizes. Turn your stones into characters and talk about who these characters are and what they do.

What you will need

An area of ground that contains stones that are easy to pick up and a bag to collect them in

  • Gather a set of stones of all shapes and sizes
  • Use the stones to talk about relationships. Can the stones be kind to one another? Do they look after each other? Do they argue? This can be a great way for a child to express how they feel about certain relationships
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Take some sticky-backed googly eyes with you and stick them onto the rocks to give them a face. Or take your stones home and paint them with eyes and hair, etc.

Did you know?

Some stones are stronger than others, depending on the rock they are made of. Flint and granite rocks are hard but sandstone and chalk rocks are soft.

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