Cildren playing, making shapes with water on the groud

There are lots of different ways that we can make patterns. We can use paint, draw with pencils, mould a shape or arrange objects to make patterns. Did you know that you can even draw with water. If you put water on a warm dry pavement it will make a dark mark. As the water evaporates the pattern will disappear. Try making your own water patterns.

What you will need

A squeezy bottle with a nozzle that can squirt water, water and a dry hard surface outdoors

  • Find an empty bottle with a nozzle that squirts (like a washing up bottle)
  • Fill the bottle with water and take it outside to a warm, dry pavement, patio or playground
  • Spray shapes onto the ground. Can you draw a triangle, a square and a wiggly line? Twirl around and spray a water circle all around you or run along and make a long line behind you
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If you don’t have a squeezy bottle you can just use a pot of water and a very large paintbrush or your hands!

Did you know?

Water evaporates when the heat from the sun gives the water molecules so much energy that they leave the ground and rise up into the air. Eventually they form clouds in the sky

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