Our impact in 2024 so far:

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This was a well organised day, which allowed people with different skills and abilities to make a positive impact on a local area in need of a little help to make lives better & healthier.

Staff member from Balfour Beatty

We help companies large and small put their corporate responsibility strategies into action by connecting them with communities and helping them build social value into their services. Our fully serviced volunteer days are tailored to meet your organisation’s needs. This includes everything from fun one-off challenge days to programmes providing opportunities for long-term volunteering partnerships with events throughout the year. Your staff will learn new skills, build team spirit and finish their day with a great sense achievement at having had a meaningful impact on a local community.

By volunteering to support one of our community projects we can help your colleagues give something back, boost their skills and build more effective teams. Together, we can deliver team events that make a tangible impact in communities or build long-term links that help grassroots groups benefit from your skills and resources.

Volunteering days have many benefits for your organisation, including:

  • More satisfied, motivated and happier staff
  • Improved internal team relations
  • Increased ability to attract and retain talent
  • Increased brand awareness and loyalty
  • Promotional opportunities and positive PR stories
  • Better relationships with the communities in which you operate

Our volunteers make a difference to projects and sites across the UK. Take a look below to see some of the amazing work being done by corporate volunteering teams like yours!


Volunteers have been a huge help in supporting the residents of Brookside House in Tottenham in partnership with Homes for Haringey.  This has included organising get-active and gardening club events with the aim of reducing isolation and improving the wellbeing of those living in sheltered accommodation. Volunteers also helped us turn an under-utilised outdoor space into an area that all the residents can enjoy.


Goblin Combe is a limestone gorge set in an area of 130 acres of natural woodland – a biological site of special scientific interest situated in the heart of rural North Somerset, just south of Bristol. Volunteers recently helped us improve the site for the local community by repairing woodland boundary walls and fences, planting raised beds and undertaking woodland conservation and maintenance work.

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