Have fun as a family in with our awards and challenges, and help those in need at the same time!

What are the Luton Food Family Awards?

Community charity Groundwork East is the chair of the Luton Food Poverty Alliance (LFPA) and is running the awards to help collect donations for those in need and raise awareness of food poverty across the town.

All donations will go to those who need it most, but your children can have fun at the same time!
This project has been made possible thanks to funding from the National Lottery Communities Fund.
The LFPA is a group of individuals and organisations from across Luton, working together to help residents secure a healthy and sustainable diet. Members of the group aim to provide services, opportunities and guidance for those who would like to work towards a more secure and healthier diet for themselves and their families.

Groundwork is also running a number of community food growing hubs. The hubs support Luton residents to learn how to grow, harvest and cook with fresh produce. Fresh produce grown in the hubs is redistributed within the local community and used to enrich local food bank and crisis and destitution services and within local holiday hunger services, where children from low-income families will have the opportunity to grow, cook and eat fresh food as a part of structured holiday programmes.

Our hubs provide the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and to contribute to supporting a healthier community across Luton.

If you would like to become part of any of our community food growing hubs, get in touch with Molly Rice on 01582 720147.

We have a range of challenges for families to get involved in. This is a lovely chance to learn some new skills and spend some quality time together whilst helping feed families at risk of food poverty in Luton.

How does it work?

There are a number of awards, so download your award chart to start collecting your awards. For every activity you do, you will receive a badge to attach to your chart, and a certificate, as well as helping families in need across Luton.

Download the cards and award chart below.

Award chart

Card 1

Card 2

Card 3

Card 4

12 days of Christmas

Every time you complete a challenge you receive an award, collect all 18 badges to fill up your chart. Complete the award chart and you’ll be invited a family fun day at one of our hubs.

Don’t forget to share your donations on our social media accounts @lutonfood so we can share your successes!

What games are there?
  • Green Fingers awards – awarded to budding gardeners and growers.
  • Top forager awards – as you complete your training and begin collecting items to donate, you’ll make your way through the different awards.
  • Top chef awards – as you cook with your home grown produce or foraged items, so work your way through these awards.
  • Plus! Bingo awards – download a bingo card and donate all of the items on the card to people in need.

Each of the awards will be launched throughout the year on our Luton Community Food Hub Facebook page, but we’re giving you all the details here now and on our website so you can get stuck in!

What needs to be done to achieve each level?

Green Fingers

  • Gardening level 1: Make your own windowsill planter.
  • Gardening level 2: Kitchen scrap gardening – grow your own from your kitchen scraps.
  • Gardening level 3: Design your own garden – what would it look like and what would you grow?
  • Champion grower level 1: Make a paper pot and plant with a seed of your choice.
  • Champion grower level 2: Grow your own cress head.
  • Champion grower level 3: Grow your own kitchen herb garden.

Top Chef*

  • Commis chef: (Cold cooking) Make your own fruity insect platter.
  • Chef de partie:(Cold cooking) Make your own yummy salad.
  • Sous chef: (Hot cooking) pasta and home made sauce or home
    made pizza (yum yum!)
  • Head chef: (Baking) Make a chocolate and beetroot muffin or carrot cake.

*Parents to assist with cooking activities

For every bingo card your family completes by donating food items, you’ll earn a a badge for your chart and a certificate.

  • Red – 1 card completed
  • Yellow – 2 cards completed
  • Green – 3 cards completed
  • Bingo champion – 4 cards or more completed

For every item donated you can also download a donation badge and certificate!