Abiola, 17

“I’m fascinated by Groundwork’s willingness to help communities across the UK, and want to bring my critical thinking skill to the Youth Advisory Board, as I enjoy support charities and making a difference in my local community.”


Anna, 22

“As a student, and keen volunteer I am excited to contribute to the community through Groundwork’s projects. I love working with young people, and believe youth participation is key to shaping a better, more inclusive future.”


Bandy, 23

“Working at a grassroots approach to help build communities and make young people thrive really connected me to Groundwork. This is one of the main reasons I applied for the YAB role, to make a real positive difference in young people’s lives.”


Callum, 21

“I know the impact Groundwork has on young people’s lives and in our current political landscape of uncertainty and social divide I believe that volunteering as a Youth Advisory Board member means I will be able to have such a positive impact on the generation of tomorrow.”


Connor, 22

“As someone who believes in the importance of community organising for achieving societal change, I’m incredibly proud to be a member of Groundwork’s Youth Advisory Board.  One of the most pressing issues that has come up time and time again in my local area is the declining sense of community. Climate change poses an existential threat, and young people must work to bridge these divides and build real grassroots power if we are to stand a chance.”


Dean, 26

“I would like to make a difference in the community, give young people a voice to make their voice heard and change the ways things are for the better.”


Deslyn, 16

“Any charity or organisation that strives to improve the lives and opportunities of young people is one that I admire very much. Groundwork being one of them. I’m glad that the volunteering I’m doing is directly impacting lives, building young people’s skills and confidence, as well as my own.”


Elise, 23

“I was inspired to join Groundwork’s youth board to learn more about the management of community projects and support other young people to take practical action and improve their communities.  In this climate of uncertainty, social and environmental issues can be overwhelming and it can be easy to feel powerless so I’m proud to be part of an organisation working to change this.”


Hannah, 23

“I am passionate about ecological and social justice, and excited to be part of Groundwork’s Youth Advisory Board. I work for the charity FareShare, am a Project Lead for FoodCycle Liverpool, a 2030pioneer as part of Liverpool’s UN recognised 2030hub, and generally interested in conservation, climate action and promoting sustainability. I have a particular passion for reducing food waste, which I am looking forward to focussing on during my tenure with Groundwork. I enjoy cooking, walks, attempting crafts (emphasis on ‘attempting’!) and a nice cup of coffee.”


Photo of Khizar, member of 2020 Youth Advisory BoardKhizar, 21

“Groundwork attracted me because it does a lot for young people and I want to be a part of that. From this experience, I would like to gain some new skills and make a difference for young people.”


Ladajah, 17

“What attracted me to Groundwork is that it gives a voice to young people around important issues. It also gives everyone an opportunity regardless of their background. Throughout this role, I wish to support the development of community actions and make the world a greener place.”


Mbene, 17

“l am extremely grateful to be part of the Youth Advisory Board. My biggest goal is to be able to turn young people’s ideas into reality and help them face some of the biggest challenges that we are facing today and sometimes l feel like it can be impossible without getting guidance, which is something Groundwork is doing. l like new experiences and the YAB journey is going to be an interesting and memorable experience.”


Munif, 24

“I currently work with young people and have lead various clubs and activities in my community. By working with Groundwork, I would like to increase my knowledge of how I can tackle climate change, make my local community cleaner and greener, and educate my people on a greener climate.”


Phoebe, 16

“I identify strongly with the feeling of being overwhelmed by the climate crisis and not knowing what I can do about it, and that’s what draws me towards Groundwork. I am hoping to gain more insight into running more localised programmes and solutions. Mostly I am looking to learn how to best make a tangible impact on the environment.”


Ruby, 15

“I’m excited to work with Groundwork as I think I would gain valuable experience and knowledge about the environment and then with this knowledge I can raise awareness and share this knowledge in my community.”


Sam, 18

“I am a public speaker wishing to use my voice and skills to help spark change. I have been on several youth boards before, representing my local community and wish to continue to do so. Groundwork youth provides a great opportunity for young people to get involved, develop key skills and meet others who wish to do the same. I hope to contribute towards both the charity, whose work really appeals to me, and the environment through this incredible opportunity. I also encourage others to get involved as the environment is important to society as a whole.”


Photo of Umar, member of 2020 Youth Advisory BoardUmar, 22

“I have been enveloped in nature and the outdoors for a long time and I would like to give something thing back to my community and planet while developing skills and knowledge and experience in all areas. I’d also like to meet new people and experience something new.”


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