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    Setting your storage heater to save money and keep warm

    Groundwork’s energy efficiency expert explains how to set up your storage heater so you save energy and keep warm. Storage heaters are a potentially good way to save money by storing up energy at a time when it’s cheap. However, for many of us, setting storage heaters up to get the most savings and benefit…

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    Top five most energy hungry appliances in your home

    Groundwork’s energy efficiency expert counts down the top five worst offenders for energy use in your home and provides tips to help you get them under control. If you want to take control of your energy use, and save money, it make sense to start with the things that use the most. In this video…

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    Saving money by adjusting your hot water temperature

    Groundwork’s energy efficiency expert explains how simply adjusting the temperature of your water on your combi boiler or hot water tank can reduce waste and save you money. It takes seconds, saves you money, and means your water arrives at your tap at the right temperature which reduces the risk of scalding. About Green Doctor…

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