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    Using programmers and thermostats to make sure you aren’t wasting heat

    Groundwork’s energy efficiency expert explains how you can use thermostatic valves (TRVs) on your radiator to make sure you only heat the rooms you need. He also covers how to set programmers to ensure you are only heating your home when you are there. This is a quick, cheap way to make sure you are…

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    Draught proofing to save money and keep warm

    Installing draught proofing is a cheap, simple and quick way to quickly reduce loss of heat and cut your bills. Turning your heating down by just one degree celsius can lead to significant savings on your energy bill. Draught proofing your room allows you to turn the thermostat down but still stay just as warm.…

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    Install radiator foil to keep the heat in

    This guide explains how to quickly, cheaply and easily install radiator foils behind your radiators. This is simple way to stop the heat escaping outside of the room you want to heat. This will help you to reduce waste, keeping you warm and cutting your fuel bill. Installing radiator foils is a job almost anyone…

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