Environmental charity Groundwork London is working closely with Camden Council (LBC) and the New Calthorpe Tenants and Residents’ Association to develop designs for the communal spaces on the New Calthorpe Estate. Groundwork London is carrying out community engagement to inform the development of designs.

The design improvements will focus on four key areas:

  • Seddon Street
  • Fleet Square
  • Wells Square Play Zone
  • Wells Square Grow Zone

The initial designs include the following priorities:

  • A focus on biodiversity and planting improvements
  • The creation of a multi-use space that offers something for everyone, including relaxing, socialising, gardening and play
  • Greening improvements that help to build a sense of community
  • Opportunities for food growing
  • Accessible seating

We would like to get further feedback to make sure that the designs respond to your interests and needs.

Please take a few moments to look at the design and then complete the short questionnaire survey below, by Friday, 15th March 2024.

We will be running a pop-up event on Wednesday 13th March, 4:00- 6:00 PM at Fleet Square.

Please join us to find out more about the designs, ask any questions you may have and give your all-important feedback in-person.

You may also email to share your feedback or seek any further info at Ruth.hill@groundwork.org.uk

We will make final changes to the design once we have received your feedback. Some additional funding may be sought to make the changes you would like to see in this area.

Stay tuned for more.