Princes Gate Water is a family run spring water bottling plant in West Wales employing 50 members of staff. In 2006 the company moved to a purpose built factory next to the farm and spring. The site produces a number of products from the site from the spring including still and bubbly spring water, Still & Bubbly Flavoured Spring Water and multipacks. Princes Gate supplies own brand and a range of national super market chains. Environmental issues have always been a key issue to the company and the company is currently certified to the highest Green Dragon Level 5. Environmental improvements demonstrated over recent years include

* £1.5million investment in onsite into installation of bottle blow in-house rather than shipping from 3rd party manufacture (reduction in raw material PET truck loads from 1000 to 50 per year).

* Installation of two wind turbines and solar panels Onsite renewable electricity generation produces nearly the same amount as onsite electricity consumption.

* £500,000 investment in three-phase electricity removing polluting diesel generators.

* Reduction in packaging (via the PET and bottle cap) by 15%

* Operate an on-site bio-diversification programme with Tir Gofal.

* Offering client rPET bottles being offered to clients with 25% recycled content.

* Working with hauliers to ensure reduce part loads.

* Air compressors leak detection being undertaken.

* Commissioned carbon emissions monitoring.

* Manufacture on a fully soil association accredited site.