Northern Ireland

Coaching and mentoring

Young people who have been knocked off course need dedicated support to help them turn things around. That’s something our coaches can provide, working in partnership with schools, academy chains and local authorities.

Children and young people who are struggling at school or at risk of becoming ‘NEET’ (not in education or employment) can benefit from tailored one-to-one support. Our experienced coaches help young people tackle barriers that are stopping them making the most of their education, identify personal or vocational goals and guide them towards new opportunities.

Our coaches help young people to:

  • identify and articulate their strengths and goals in life
  • break down those goals into a series of achieveable, realistic steps, creating an action plan
  • build their resilience to ensure they stay focused and able to cope with challenging personal circumstances.

Our coaching and mentoring programmes can be tailored to particular groups, for example care leavers or those at risk of becoming involved with gangs. They are often led by youth workers with lived experience of the issues being faced by those they support, who can pass on their knowledge and encouragement to young people at a crossroads in their lives.

Some programmes are designed to be delivered with the support of volunteers. It’s one way that we help businesses give back to their local community and the relationship can be inspirational for the young person and the mentor.